The Truth about the Master Cleanse

The Master Cleanse Diet is a method used to help detoxify your system. This diet takes around six to ten days. The diet is also known as the Maple Syrup Diet and the Lemon Detox diet. In the year 1941, Stanley Burroughs was the one that introduced everyone to this incredible diet.

When on the Master Cleanse Diet, people drink a mixture of either lemon juice, Grade B maple syrup and cayenne pepper. You need to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses per day plus they also need to have plenty of water while on the Master Cleanse Diet.

The Master Cleanse is essentially a modified juice fast with an absence of food. One thing about this diet is that the metabolism might slow down and to prevent this from happening, there are things that you must do in order to make sure that your metabolism is kept up to speed so that you can have the energy that you need to perform your daily tasks.

Without having a good metabolism it might be hard to exercise and do other things but we are going to show you how you won’t have to worry about that anymore.


The very first thing to know is that when you’re on this diet you’ll need to exercise every day. When you exercise every day your metabolism starts to speed up and your energy levels starts to increase daily. If you begin to feel lethargic or weak do less strenuous exercise such as Yoga or Tai Chi.

After you get a good workout your metabolism stays elevated for up to around 12 hours. The exercise does not need to be very hard. All that is required is some walking or a 30-minute workout.

Cayenne pepper, which is one of the key ingredients in the cleanse drink, also helps to raise your metabolic rate by up to 50% for up to 3 hours.

Green tea is another wonderful drink but did you know how healthy it is for you? If you want to have plenty of energy, the recommended thing to do is to have between 8-10 cups of green tea daily. The main reason why green tea works is because it’s a very powerful and strong antioxidant and it can boost up the metabolism fast.

Have more hot pepper because it can help with the cleansing process and your level of energy stays at a normal and healthy balance.

As stated above, drinking plenty of water is a must with this diet. It is recommended that you should drink at least 1 gallon of water when you’re on it to help flush out your system and get rid of the toxins that are not healthy for you. If you continue to feel tired, talk with your doctor and see if you should take additional supplements while on this diet.

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