Hello this is Bebe and welcome to my site. As you can guess, I love blogging about health topics while drinking a nice cup of coffee.

I remember the first time I ever tried coffee of any kind. I was a high school junior waiting for my best friend to get off work at a local Caribou Coffee.

He kept bugging me to try this drink called a Caramel High Rise. While the name of the drink was appealing and the place smelled wonderful, I never really had the taste buds for coffee.

I was one of those people that loved the smell of coffee, but could not stand the taste. My friend finally broke through that night and I decided to try my first Caramel High Rise, I mean heaven.

It tasted awesome and you could say from that point coffee was no longer something I had to acquire the taste for.

While I preferred the more expensive espresso coffee drinks in high school, I later moved on to pure cups of coffee as I went off to college. You could say that all the caramel, chocolate, and whip cream helped to disguise the true coffee taste while my taste buds caught up with my college years.

Nowadays, I don’t go a morning without starting my day with a cup of coffee. I still splurge from time to time for a specialty coffee drink, but I stick to the simple cup with a little creamer and sugar. I prefer Columbian roast coffees, because I find them smoother and fuller of taste.

One of the greatest parts of my life is coming to work each morning. Not everyone can say that. My office loves their coffee and they invested in one of those Keurig single cup coffee machines for us to use.

Every morning I drop off my stuff in the office and head to the break room to get my daily Columbian Supremo fix. I really only drink coffee in the mornings, because I prefer it with my breakfast and occasionally social meetings at the local coffee house at night.

When I look at my immediate family, I am really the only one that has an acquired taste for coffee. My whole family says what I used to say, “Love the smell of coffee, hate the taste.” The most interaction my wife has with coffee is to smell my cup and hold the mug if she is cold.

That’s ok though, they usually buy me Starbucks or Caribou gift cards on occasion and I get to go back and enjoy that cup that started it all. Thank you Caribou Coffee for that beloved Caramel High Rise. It was a life changer.