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Dumpster rental for individuals

Dumpster rental companies can have an intervention coverage within a 100km radius around the city where they are located in the USA, such as Orlando, FL. Ladies and gentlemen, individuals: why not rent a skip with driver to empty your house or cellar? How many times have you heard the expression “how are we discard [Continue]

Orange Park waste management

Ok so I am new to the game of clean up and demolition in Orange Park. Heck, I am so green I hardly know how to calculate the cubic dimensions of the dumpsters I need to rent. Lucky for me, when I called up to rent this massive roll off dumpster, the friendly lady who answered [Continue]

10 steps to fight global warming

During this economic crisis and continued global warming, the need for sustainable development has become a now issue instead of a later issue. Both private and government entities (including the EPA) have come up with programs and products that promote “green” production and consumption. These environment-friendly practices are now being used in numerous firms and [Continue]

South Carolina Pollution

Cities and towns have an array of strategies to fight and prevent water pollution. Unfortunately, more than 1,150 waterways in South Carolina are considered impaired, too polluted to meet water quality standards, according to Carolina Clear, a Clemson Extension program that provides storm water education and outreach. Compared to the 2017 report, some South Carolina [Continue]