Orange Park waste management

Ok so I am new to the game of clean up and demolition in Orange Park.

Heck, I am so green I hardly know how to calculate the cubic dimensions of the dumpsters I need to rent. Lucky for me, when I called up to rent this massive roll off dumpster, the friendly lady who answered the phone walked me through how to size them out and which one I might need. She said in the end it wouldn’t be the end of the world if I chose a dumpster too small for the job.

It might mean calling them up to come and remove the full containers more often but as they are centrally located in the city I know it would only be a few minutes to wait for the driver to arrive. I think I am going to go with a forty cubic yard dumpster in a bright yellowish orange.

Ha ha, actually, that is the color they sent I was impartial to that aspect. What I do like is the ease in which I can walk up and into the dumpster to wheel in the very heavy and large objects that can’t be lifted over.

I am very happy with this dumpster rental service and I think I will be using them in the future for my many other jobs I have lined up. They have very small and medium sized dumpsters as well. I was thinking about using the small ones for a home remodel I am working on this summer, I will be keeping them busy!

This dumpster rental really saved the day on the job site this past month. In fact, it’s more like for the past six months it has really come in handy and made life a lot easier. The lion’s share of that accolade can go to the people who work at the rental company though, because a dumpster is just a dumpster.

Well, actually I don’t want to take away from the quality of their dumpsters because they are very high quality and some of the cleanest dumpsters I have ever seen on a construction site.

I have been a brick layer and job foreman for almost thirty years now and having to put up with companies who were slackers at best and thieves at worst. Their attitudes usually reflected the medium they worked in, trash.

That is why I was so happy with our rent a dumpster choice this time around. I left the calling and ordering to my co laborers and they said it was a breeze. I know it must have gone smoothly because they didn’t have to call me one time to settle an argument or yell into a phone to get the lost driver directions or to give the manager a piece of my mind.

Yes, we were all very pleased with the quality of sales and service of this rental company and I know I will continue to be a loyal and raving customer of theirs. You should give them a shot, you’ll be happy you did.

A very unfortunate accident happened last night, our house caught on fire and was pretty much destroyed.  It is so bad my husband had to call a dumpster rental near me so that we can start cleaning up the mess.  I know you are probably wondering how this happened and I am very shocked right now. 

My son admitted that he was playing with a lighter alone in the basement and he caught a curtain on fire and it caught on fire so fast the entire house burned down.  He ran up stairs and woke everyone up and got us all out of the house.  This was extremely frightening for my other son because he is still very young (eight).

However, my husband does not believe our son’s story that he was alone when all of this happened.  We do not have a lighter in this house and our son said he found it in the basement.  SO that part of the story is a little off and on top of all that we have a next door neighbor Tyler who is a very bad influence.  We have told our son to stay away from him because he is trouble and going nowhere but our son seems to like him, despite the pollution

My husband and I believe that Tyler came over last night with a lighter and set the curtain on fire himself.  We cannot prove this but we are going over to his house to talk to his parents tonight after we call the Dumpster Rental Service.

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